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We’re Celebrating 10 Years of Joy in the Valley!

Kuppa Joy’s Mission Spread to The National Stage

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Join our Outreach Team!

For three years, Kuppa Cares has been spearheaded by an incredible team of volunteers serving coffee and treats at Poverello house. Through this ministry platform, we’ve been building relationships with individuals experiencing homelessness in our city. We believe that consistency is the best way to make a difference and witness life change. For us, consistency…

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Kuppa Cares about Guatemala

Our international mission has begun. With God’s clear call to establish thrones all over the world, we have officially established a Kuppa Cares branch in Guatemala. Marcel is our first oversees missionary through Kuppa Cares. He is currently living in Guatemala, working to open our first international Kuppa Joy to share the love of God…

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Gospel Bomb Cups are Back!

Gospel Bomb cups are Back!  Here at Kuppa Joy, we wish to share the Gospel and celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in this flourishing Spring season coming our way, and our Gospel Bomb cups are the perfect way to spread that Joy. With each cup, we are accomplishing two great missions. …

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