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We’re Celebrating 10 Years of Joy in the Valley!

Kuppa Joy’s Mission Spread to The National Stage

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Gospel Bomb Cups are Back!

Gospel Bomb cups are Back!  Here at Kuppa Joy, we wish to share the Gospel and celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in this flourishing Spring season coming our way, and our Gospel Bomb cups are the perfect way to spread that Joy. With each cup, we are accomplishing two great missions. …

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Joy on the Go

Coffee is the life fuel that keeps us going.  Work goes easier with coffee beforehand. School goes by faster after having a delicious cup of coffee.  Life is, in general, better with coffee.  Coffee is the essential fuel that makes life better, and this is no unknown fact to all who know the incredible power…

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Coffee Conversations Episode #2

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all!  Wear green and order a matcha green tea latte to show your Saint Patrick’s pride and escape the painful pinches from not wearing green on this lovely holiday.  To spread our Saint Patrick’s Day joy, we have created a Coffee Conversations episode that will spread joy and give our…

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