Our Story

Passion is what drives our purpose. Our passion is to see all those who come in our doors taste the goodness of God.

Kuppa Joy started back in 2012. Freshly retired from professional football, Owner Zack Follett found himself at Costa coffee in Great Marlow, UK on a mission to share the good news. As he was reading the scriptures, he came across Romans 8:1 “Therefore, there is no condemnation for all those who are in Christ Jesus.” That simple truth brought immense joy to his soul. Taking a sip of his cappuccino he said to himself “This is a cup of joy.” Right then the Spirit of the Lord instructed Zack, “Take a look around this coffee shop, people connect over coffee, I want you to go to your hometown and open a coffee shop in order to connect to your community.” Fired up with passion, one year later Kuppa Joy opened its doors in Clovis, California.

Because our mission is to represent a perfect and Holy God, the coffee, atmosphere and customer service need to do Him justice so we strive for excellence in everything we do. While our coffee is delicious and a smile warms the soul, we know the Gospel is the power that saves. Now, on every cup we are proudly displaying the bold truth of the Gospel that brings inexpressible and glorious joy. Our hope is that this Gospel story will leave our shops, be spread across the Valley and shared around the world. We know this Word is true and we want to proclaim it forever. We invite you to see what the Lord has built and hope you experience the love He has to offer while being a guest at Kuppa Joy.