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We know your users – because they’re our users, too. When we established the Kuppa Joy Roastery, we set out to produce high-caliber coffee catered specifically to our clientele’s unique taste.

Through a lot of hard work, we succeeded. We produced a coffee that has allowed us to grow throughout central California. And now we want to give it to you – because we believe Kuppa Joy coffee will help you grow, too – whether you’re based in central California or anywhere else.

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Easy to Make. Easy to Serve. Easy to Try.

Your customers, employees, and congregations want a sublime coffee experience that elevates their day. You want a coffee that’s easy to make, easy to serve, and impossible to get wrong.

Kuppa Joy is that coffee; Kuppa Joy provides that experience. With just a bit of help from us, you’ll be ready to serve simple-yet-sublime coffee – catered specifically to your crowd.

Since 2012, Kuppa Joy has delighted coffee drinkers throughout central California. Now, you can bring Kuppa Joy coffee directly to your café, restaurant, office, or other gathering place.

Our Process

To Create Our Carefully Roasted Small Batch Coffee, We:

  • Source beans from hand-picked regions we know and love.
  • Blend those beans meticulously within our central California lab, creating unique mixes to satisfy our customers’ palette.
  • Roast our blends to perfection using our industrial drum roaster.
  • Package the roasted beans and deliver them to your door.

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Quality. Consistency. Service.

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